Understanding The Differences Between Hemp and Cannabis in Health and Treatment.

This post isn’t about “Medical Marijuana,” it’s about Hemp; in seed, lotion or oil form!

Hemp has a certain, “misinformed” quality about it!  First, if it isn’t “Medical Marijuana,” what is it? Although Hemp and Marijuana are both names for the Cannabis plant, they serve many different purposes. Although, most people think of ‘smoking’ Hemp in the form of Marijuana, actual ‘Hemp’ (and/or Hemp Root, as it is more commonly known) has been used for hundreds of years in making wax, soap, rope, sails, clothing, hats, resin, fuel, cosmetics, plastics, and military grade fabric; as well as countless other items. It used to be so common, even the Decoration of Independence and the Bill of Rights were written on Hemp paper.

In our offices, we use Hemp Root for two purposes (besides, the Hemp Hat that I often wear in the summertime). Whereas, I don’t believe in ‘recreational smoking’ of pot any more than I recommend recreational drinking of alcohol, I do believe Hemp (Hemp Heart/Seeds) can be a health supplement and a good source of Omega 3, 6, and 9; which is vital to nutrition… especially, to those with Peripheral Neuropathy or Depression. In fact, Hemp Hearts and B vitamins together work very well to help ‘treat’ both disorders, naturally!

I’m not going to take the time to go into all the ‘mumble, jumble’ of the difference between Cannabis/Marijuana and Hemp/Root, chemically; but to distill things down, Hemp has most or all of THC, that Marijuana has, removed; meaning, “one cannot get high, just from consuming Hemp or wearing a Hemp Hat” (as I was once accused/warned of, by ‘caring’ friends and family)! When one consumes Hemp in the form of ‘seeds/powder’ or “Hemp Hearts,” they are supplementing their diet with the ‘Natural Omega’s that the body doesn’t normally get through traditional nutrition and/or supplements.

Hemp Hearts taste great and can be put in cereal, smoothies or even (as I do) put in recipes like Meat Loaf –  used as a substitute for crackers or bread crumbs.  I have even been known to ‘salt and toast’ them as a snack. Having a slight nutty taste, similar to a sunflower seeds or pine nuts, Hemp Hearts contain, roughly, 10 grams of plant proteins per serving; and, certainly contain more protein and less carbohydrates than the same serving of Flaxseed (which, ones body has to convert to an Omega). They can be purchased online in bulk (as we used to purchase for our office from Canada); and/or many health food stores will have Hemp Hearts/Seeds in ‘pre-packeded’ bags or boxes. One special note, if purchasing from a health food store, who keep their Hemp Hearts in large drums, they do tend to go rancid over time. So, if you are ‘spooning out’ Hemp Hearts from the bottom of a large drum, they could be rancid if they have a strong smell to them. Hemp Hearts should be keep cool and dry in a sealed bottle or bag. I keep mine in a ‘Tupperware™’ container.

But, what else do we use Hemp for in our office? We use it in lotion or therapy cream form to help moisturize and heal dry, cracked skin; especially, the skin of diabetics. Often, as well, some of our diabetic patients will have ulcers on their feet; again, we use a Hemp therapy cream to, not only, heal the ulcer and moisturize, but to aid with pain relief; as many lotions and salves will have enough Hemp and other herbs in them to aid with laceration or ulceration pain… not to mention, ‘healing’ qualities as well. We use it, often ourselves in my family, for bee stings and insect bites!

Whereas, we don’t endorse many products, we will recommend to our patients interested, that they purchase three different types of Hemp products; which we have, personally, tried ourselves and/or use in our office (unless a product is proven to us, we simply don’t use or recommend it!).

The first Hemp product we were ever introduced to, was Dr. Bronner’s Soap products; available in a number of different types. This company, which we have had many discussions about products with its founder, has many types and kinds of products to choose from. It can be purchased in some stores; but more varieties can be found more online. Their web address is: https://www.drbronner.com/DBMS/category/LIQUIDSOAP.html; and, is certainly worth a look.

Second, is HempZ Lotion™. Again, available all over the internet and in some stores, HempZ Lotion™ is a fine example of Pure Hemp Seed Oil mixed with extracts. We keep a bottle out on our treatment table for patients to ‘help themselves’ to after neuromuscular stimulation. Many patients use it on their dry legs and arms. A little bit, can go a long way!

The third product we were introduced to, is made local to us; and that is, Hemp-EaZe™.  Like other Hemp lotions, Hemp-EaZe™ doesn’t contain any THC or other chemicals or toxins; so, there is nothing to worry about. It does contain, depending upon the product, several ‘natural’ ingredients/essential herbs; such as lavender, sacred sage, honey, bees wax, comfrey root and more which can aid a number of issues. This is why, it has pain relieving as well as healing properties. (A complete list of ingredients can be seen on their website at http://hemp-eaze.com/9-essential-herbs-2/) This product, in its many forms, can be found for purchase in many stores; or even offices, such as our own.

We use both the Hemp-EaZe™ Therapy Cream as well as the Lotion in our office for treatment along with whatever modality we are using on the patient; and, on our geriatric patients, with thin/sensitive skin, we even use their gentle “Baby and Me” salve!  Our patients help themselves to it for everything from bug bites, to heat rash, to bruising to poison oak! We find it to be a “well rounded” therapy cream for our office (meaning, we don’t have to purchase multiple therapy creams or products to treat multiple issues).

And, being that we are certified to work on dogs as well as people, we often use the Hemp-EaZe™ brand of ‘Pet Aid’ to help our canine patients with edema, bruising, insect bites and rash.

What about ingesting Hemp Oil? The “jury” is still out regarding Hemp Oil; but research indicates that it can be useful in treating a number of issues… from Diabetes to Cancer, in a positive way. Can we recommend Hemp Oil?  Almost!  I would still like to see some research reports on it; but, there are plenty of “positive” reports from all over the world on the internet, as to results people have achieved through use of Hemp or Cannabis Oil. Would I ever use it myself?  Perhaps. Right now, using this oil is a choice everyone must make on their own; currently, making or consuming is illegal in many parts of the country… but, at one time, so was vitamin B-17 (in the form of raw apricot pits) in the treatment of Cancer; but now, it is available in many health food stores, and over the internet through sources like Amazon.com.

Knowing what I do about Hemp for medical issues, and how we cook, consume and treat with it, I would have to consider Hemp Oil if I were in need and knew where I could safely and legally purchase it!  And, perhaps, everyone should check out Hemp products for their own health and use as well.  It’s natural!

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