What is a Neuropathist?

I have been asked a lot lately, (mostly, I guess, since the formation of the “Ask the Neuropathist” blog) “What is a Neuropathist?”

People, additionally, ask: “Are you a Naturopath?”  The answer is, “no;” but, I do have naturopathic training.”Are you a Medical Doctor?” “No;” but I study and have been professionally trained in a lot of disorders. “Are you a Homeopath?” Once again, the answer is “No;” but again, but I hold certifications in Homeopathic medicines and training. “What about a Physical Therapist?”  Well, “no…” but again; but, I have training in various forms of physical therapy. “What about a Nutritionist or Dietitian?” “No;” but, I am trained in diet and nutrition for certain disorders! “What about a Physiatrist, Chiropractor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Veterinarian? “No… I am not any of those;” and, “No,” I cannot write a 420 prescription or give “sports” examinations – as I, also, get asked a lot. One more, of which I was just asked, is “Are you a Urologist?” Nope. I’m not that either!

I am a Neuropathist; which, is a $2 word for a “Certified, Neuromuscular Stimulation Technician;” and, from what people tell me, I may have been the very first in the nation (as any research of the word “neuropathist,” generally, leads to me, I am told!

Yes, I do hold degrees in Social Science, am a Doctor of Metaphysics and hold an honorary doctorate; as well as, certifications from such agencies and schools as: The Neuropathy Treatment Centers of America™, ReBuilder Medical™, Chico Therapy and Wellness, The School of Alternative Healthcare, Boiron™, Alternative Healing, Alternatives at Homeopathy, The Healing Arts Institute and multiple other agencies; in various modalities of Neuromuscular stimulation, vibrational therapies, aroma and oxygen therapies, sensorimotor therapies, anodyne therapy, far wave infrared therapy, Toronto and Berg testing, associated neuropathies, sports injuries, massage and USUI REIKI! I am, even, certified to work on Canines! 

But, what I do, is to treat pain, numbness, burning, tingling, cramping and edema due to various injuries or medical conditions; such as MS, Parkinson’s, Diabetes and more – but, specializing in various forms of Peripheral, Autonomic, Proximal, Focal, Sensorimotor and other neuropathies.

However, the other modalities of treatment, such as Homeopathic or Nutrition, even Massage, all play a role in treating pain, injury and neuropathy issues too – that, is why I am well versed in them!

So, “What is a Neuropathist?”

A clinician; who treats pain, and primarily, Neuropathy associated issues, in a NATURAL or NON-INVASIVE manner with various forms of treatment modalities!

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