A New Treatment

People are always sending me their “home remedies” for Peripheral Neuropathy. Today is no different – but, this is one of the strangest!

“Climatize your feet to be rid of pain!”

All I can say to this one is, “Oh, my!” and shake my head.  Apparently, a new “Myth” is to mix “local dirt, dust from one’s home, pet fur and locally made honey” together and ingest. This will make one’s feet feel better, as any contaminants which are working like toxins to the body, will be absorbed and “gotten used to” by the cells; thus, helping to remyelinate the nerves and reduce pain.  How much should one take? Just a tablespoon or two of “crud” should do it!

Sorry, but this is utter nonsense.  Yes, there is something to eating raw, local honey for allergies, but eating dirt…? I’m afraid not. Same thing with pet fur and house dust.

I’m sure some people will argue this point with me, but for my advice… stick with the honey, maybe… and forget the rest. Even then, the honey isn’t going to help ones Peripheral Neuropathy… especially, if one is diabetic!

As with most “old sayings” or “home remedies…”  if something sounds too good to be true, chances are… it is!


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